A Dream Vacation Home

When a client came to us with their dream to design a high-end vacation home, we knew that we would be building more than a house — we’d be designing and constructing a fully-immersive experience. This home is set directly into the side of a mountain, and so we focused on blending the home’s interior and exterior aesthetic with the surrounding natural beauty. Utilizing our expertise, we were able to excavate the mountain, design and build this sun-soaked, modern home, and bring the dream to fruition — creating a truly spacious haven of natural light and calm. 

Kind Words

“In our experience, Wiegand’s focus on design stood out. Their design approach is unique. The Weigand team is not only connected to what’s new in modern builds, but also focuses on excellent craftsmanship. They have a true eye for incorporating natural earth tones and materials, like stone and timber. ​​They did a great job understanding our vision; we came to them with a basic idea, and they ran with it, completely exceeding our expectations.”