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Wiegand Design and Build is built on a legacy of expert craftsmanship and innovative design. For more than four decades and spanning two generations of our family, we have been dedicated to building homes that inspire.

How it started — a note from our CEO & Lead Designer

We know that the best houses are the ones that are built to be truly lived in. Our design and build philosophies are inspired by our lives — including time spent traveling together. On our honeymoon, we stayed at a small house on a little island in Nova Scotia, tucked neatly next to the ocean and fully surrounded by trees. The house embraced its natural setting, featuring large windows facing the ocean and allowing sunlight to bounce off the water. The cedar shake siding and large timber structures blended in with the forest surrounding it. The wood-burning fireplace and large French doors connected you to the outdoors and allowed the scent of woodsy, ocean air to flow. With its minimalist design, the home was an oasis, an escape from the busyness of life, and provided all who visited with a place of inspiration and rest. Although our stay was only five days, that experience of captivating, minimalist design has never left us. 

Two years later, we spent significant time traveling throughout New Zealand and Australia. Again, we experienced first-hand architecture that embraces its surroundings. Featuring a minimalist design and highlighting raw, earthy materials, the homes we stayed in intentionally created space for inspiration and respite — yet still met our day-to-day needs.

Inspired by our travels and what we learned about experiential living — as well as more than a decade of experience in the industry — we made the decision to design and build homes that inspire and captivate you, that embrace natural elements and indoor/outdoor living, and that offer a place of respite and peace.

Here’s to possibilities, Andrew and Crystal

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As our CEO, Andrew Wiegand is the visionary behind Wiegand’s innovative design, as well as our continued drive to provide exceptional service and craftsmanship. Andrew grew up learning this business inside and out while working with his father, Fred. He is always ready to lead our team and our clients to consider unique concepts, pushing us to think outside the box. He guides projects from the discovery process through the final build. In his free time, Andrew enjoys dual-sport riding, downhill mountain biking, surfing and traveling with his family. Their adventures often inspire his work with Wiegand.

CEO and Visionary


Bringing a distinctive design perspective, Crystal Wiegand is a creative force and your trusted advisor throughout the entire design process. By sharing her expertise, she’ll help you to envision a truly bespoke aesthetic for the home of your dreams. She finds inspiration everywhere, including well-designed cafes, homes, and storefronts during her international travels, as well as in the raw beauty of nature. Crystal’s design ethos is focused on feel, bringing texture, color, and light into each space. In her free time, she enjoys exploring local farmers markets, traveling, and sipping on a great cappuccino, alongside her husband, Andrew, and their three kids.



Jason Long joined the team in 1994. For three decades, he has brought his gifted woodworking skills and considerable expertise in all facets of the construction process to the Wiegand team. Jason can often be found on-site overseeing our subcontractors, and is hands-on with the fine details of each project. Outside of work, you’ll find Jason working in his sawmill or tinkering in his shop. He also enjoys hunting and camping with his family.

Foreman and Skilled Carpenter


A skilled and detail-oriented craftsman with a love for problem solving and hands-on work, Justin Miller serves as our project manager and integrator. He bridges the gap between design and build, breaking each project down piece-by-piece to ensure the exceptional craftsmanship Wiegand is known for. Outside of work, Justin enjoys overland camping with his family — a challenging type of off-roading vehicle camping and exploring. Always up for an adventure, time in the great outdoors, and a creative project to tackle, Justin also built his own mountain-style home.

Project Manager and Assistant Estimator

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